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just smut

John x Davesprite
in which davesprite has creamsicle flavored cum

Anonymous said: <p>Dave/John. John asks Dave to teach him the art of kissing and things escalate at an alarming rate.</p>


((anon i love you please never stop sending me requests))

Dave is more than a little surprised when his best bro for life, or BBFL as states the inscription on his best bro bracelet, asks him for lessons on the art of macking with the ladies. Dave has has his fare share of experience with that, considering that women can’t seem to  hold themselves back, but he’s is really surprised that John hasn’t gotten any play yet. They’re both 17, and yet John hasn’t even been kissed yet. Dave is flattered, however, that John would come to him.

They’re both sitting in Dave’s room, on the floor, Super Smash Brothers left blaring and forgotten in the background. John is giving Dave a pleading look, and has his lower lip stuck out in a pout.

“Please, Dave? I don’t want to be horrible and inexperienced whenever I do get kissed! I mean, I want my first kiss to be like the movies.”

Dave takes one look at John and sighs deeply. He cannot say no to that face. Never has, never will. So, he gives John a look and nods. At this, John claps his hands excitedly.

“Rule number one,” Dave says, “No clapping your hands when things go your way. It may be adorable, but it doesn’t get a girl in the mood.” John nods seriously, and sets his face in a serious mode.

“So, Egbert. You wanna just jump into this? Or do you want me to show you the moves first?” Dave knows exactly what John is going to say, questioning him isn’t really necessary. But when things turn a little heated, at least Dave will know that John said yes.

John nods, and Dave smirks. He surreptitiously puts a hand on John’s upper thigh, and leans close to John’s ear. “Be sure to speak to her intimately, it makes her feel important.” He lightly squeezes John’s thigh, and John bristles a bit.

“A-are you sure she’ll like this?” John says, and he’s already pink. Dave wonders how pink he can make John by the end of the whole ordeal.

“She’ll love it,” Dave purrs into John’s ear, and he removes his hand. “That’s really all the play you’re gonna need. The most important part here is exactly how boss you are at the art of kissing.” Dave shifts and straddles John’s lap.

“Uhm, Dave?” John says, and Dave puts one finger on his lips.

“Here, I’ll pretend to be the girl you want to make out with, how does that sound?” John nods, and Dave grins.

Dave places one hand behind John’s head, and tilts it back so that he’s looking up at Dave. He brings his lips forward onto John’s, and John places his arms around Dave’s waist. His hands are at Dave’s hips, thumbs playing with the fabric of the shirt there. Dave swipes his tongue across John’s lips, asking for permission.

John opens his mouth and their tongues meet, and Dave finds himself pushing himself into John, grinding his hips against John’s. He brushes his teeth against John’s bottom lip, and John moans.

“Good,” Dave says, panting. “Do you want to—” And he jerks his head in the direction of the bed. John nods, and Dave carries him over, placing him down. Dave climbs on top of him, and proceeds to kiss all the way down John’s jawline, swiping a tongue on the shell of his ear and biting the area where his neck and collarbone meet. John bucks his hips up into Dave’s, and Dave can feel a hardness there, matched by his own. He pushes back, grinds against John’s own length, and god since when was kissing this awesome?

Dave places a hand just above where he wants, and whispers, “May I?” into John’s ear.

“Yes,” he hisses, and Dave slips his hand into John’s pants and pulls on his member. He mutters fuck as Dave continues his ministrations and within minutes, he’s gasping Dave, please, oh god, pushing against Dave’s hand and he comes explosively. It’s all over Dave’s hands and both of their shirts, but he can’t bring himself to care as he pulls John into another kiss.


… or maybe it’s how when you see him having an actual discussion (with Rose or Tereza usually) you can see how he makes up for his lack of spoken words and facial expressions with the way he moves his hands - it’s nothing exaggerated, like your hand gesticulations that serve more as a distraction than a conversation-booster, they were gentler and easier and softer and conveyed what you imagine his eyes would, - or perhaps it’s the way his usually white and/or red shirts fit him just right (unlike your frumpy clothes) and his usually black or grey skinny jeans just accentuated his nice hips and well, y’know, bluh bluh. Maybe it was just all these things (you suppose it is, that makes sense.)

- - -

This is some quality writing, right here. The style is so quirky and consistent, it’s not only a good, funny, convincing story— it’s also an enjoyable read simply for how the words are strung together.

Oh also Dave has freckles and a thick texan accent. Mmmhmmm.



EDIT: Also I didn’t sleep tonight because I couldn’t let myself drift off knowing I could be up reading this instead JUST SAYING.


<= Prologue

* On A03 * *

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So, baconbreath suggested a fic on her blog and the idea was just too good. Too good, I say. So, here, we have Dave finding John’s stash of gay porn.

It was fun. Hehehehe. (I’d say researching was more fun, but I’d be lying about doing research.)

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Decided to finish at least one prompt today, even if it was one more conducive to crochet. And I still had a Dave/John sleepover prompt left over from the prompt extravaganza. So I worked on that.

Down to my last three prompts. Don’t let me run out, guys! Also, I must be waxing a bit loquacious. Don’t worry. It’s probably just the onset of autumn. I tend to be fairly prolific in the fall.

What I want to know, though, is why my eyes always start to cross whenever I decide to try editing.

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Title: Taking Advantage

Pairings: Dave/John semi-unrequited

Author: ahoithar

Rating: a hard R ish, sex occurs that’s for sure

Word Count: 2,767

Genre: Drama/Romance

Disclaimer: i definitely don’t own homestuck but if i did…………

Teaser: Dave is that way, and it’s hard. It’s hard and no one understands.

general notes: this is a one shot fic done for mimi, and if i happen to feel like continuing it, i might?? uhh it’s john/dave and it definitely is unrequited because I HAVE SUCH A BONER FOR UNREQUITED LOVE hhhh

i’d like to thank emily for helping me and giving me suggestions and stuff in my time of need. couldn’t have done it without you BB <333

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dirty talking